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On a regular schedule, your Social Media Caddy will update your social media accounts with relevant content from your business and community.


Turn your simple open house into an event or a seminar into a sponsored advertisement. Your Social Media Caddy will work with you to develop your ad budget and schedule to boost visibility of your events.


Your Social Media Caddy will help you target specific audiences and locations to reach potential clients within your designated farm area and generate new leads.

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Social Media For the Real Estate Industry, By People Who Know Real Estate!

Your Social Caddy is a Social Media Agency built by people who know the real estate industry inside and out! Our team of experts will take the guesswork out of social marketing and give you the attentive support needed to succeed as a real estate agent in today's digital landscape.

How does it work?

  1. Our Social Media Caddy will CONNECT your business to potential clients in a targeted and consistent way. Your own personal expert will contact you to conduct a social media audit (either setting up new accounts or using existing accounts), set objectives, and develop a visually engaging social media brand persona and voice.
  2. We collect high-quality content about you, your business, and your community.
  3. We set-up initial social media posts on approved platforms and run your posts on a consistent schedule.
  4. We check-in with you regarding updated and relevant social media content.
  5. We run KPI (key performance indicator) analytics and share the results with you monthly.
  6. We check-in with you regularly to assess current and new strategies.
  7. And much, much more!

Get More Leads!


  • 69% of home buyers and sellers in 2017 looked at a prospective real estate agent’s Facebook business page before deciding to work with them.
  • More than half of millennials and Generation X buyers used a mobile device during their home search in 2017.
  • Social Media accounts for a third of all time spent online for Generation X and millennials.
  • Over 63 percent of the U.S. adult population use at least one social media site.
  • Generation Y (age 21-36) accounts for 68% of all first-time home buyers.
  • 62% of Generation Y feel that online content drives their loyalty to a brand.
  • 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.

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  • Start your Social Media presense and GROW your audience
  • Manage your social account pages
  • Deliver reports and analytics showing your results


  • Step up and EXPAND your social reach
  • Manage your business accounts on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and YOUTUBE
  • Run advertising and lead generation campaigns
  • Create custom landing pages that match your campaigns
  • Deliver reports and analytics showing your results


  • These extra steps will help you DOMINATE your farm area!
  • Includes everything from the EXPAND package
  • Stay on your visitors' minds with RETARGETING campaigns
  • Turn your collected leads into email marketing programs

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